Friday, 17 September 2010

Products I Regret Buying

Firstly just wanted to let you all know that this is my 100th post!! Who would have thought I would have so much to say!!

I'm sure that everyone has some products lurking in their collection that they wish they'd never bought. I had a little raid of mine and dug out the products that I regret buying.

1. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - I hate this! I bought it cause I used up all the glue that came with my false lashes but could still get some use out of them. I tried this once and I'm never going to use it again. I just could't get it to come off my eyelid after I had taken the lashes off. For days my lids kept sticking and no matter what I tried it just wouldn't come off.

2. "MAC Heatherette" Lipstick - I bought this in a twitter sale and it wasn't until I got it that I found out that it's a fake. Not happy!

3. Collection 2000 Brilliant Shimmer Lipgloss - There isn't anything wrong with this product, it's just that I don't wear it. I have sooooooo many lip products and this is one I just never reach for.

4. Blistex - I really don't like this. I don't like the little ball applicator and when I put it on it just totally dries up my lips. Not really what you what from a lip salve. 

5. Collection 2000 Glam and Glitter - This is like the other Collection 2000 product really, there's nothing wrong with it, I've just never worn it. Think the glitter puts me off a bit cause it just goes everywhere!

6. Bourjois Lipstick - This is a totally pointless product, there is absolutely no colour in it when I apply it, not good.

So what do you regret buying??
Would love to see you're products so leave me a link if you decide to do a post like this!



  1. I will probably do a post on this in the next week or so! It's a shame you regretted buying these. Good post. :)


  2. oh that sucks about the fake mac lipstick! i have one of those collectoin 2000 glosses too and i never wear it as the colour pay off is terrible..!

  3. I had one of those Blistex rollerball thingies and it just leaked everywhere all the time! Not sure if all of them are like that or whether I just had a dud! :( Can't believe you got a fake MAC lippie in a blog sale...I would have sent it back!


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