Friday, 22 March 2013

Review - Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover

I have been thinking a lot about the colour of my hair recently, I decided that after a year and a half of being a brunette I had, had enough and wanted to lighten up the colour of my hair. Spring is coming and I was looking for a change. 
The only problem was I had a year and a half's worth of dye in my hair and it needed to be removed!
So I went down to my local Boots and had a look at the different hair colour removers they had to offer, and decided on Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover. There were 2 different types to choose from and I went for the Extra version as it was for dark tones and colour build up.

In the box you get an activator, remover and an after treatment buffer. You also get a pair of gloves and instructions. After reading the instructions and getting everything all organised I managed to force persuade my boyfriend to give me a hand, so he donned the gloves and we got to work! 

 You start by mixing the activator and the remover together which you then apply all over your hair. You then wait for up to an hour for the mixture to work it's magic and then rinse it off using the treatment buffer.

I decided to wait the full hour to wash it out my hair as I have quite a lot of colour build up so I knew it was going to take a lot to get the colour out. After giving the boyfriend a quick guide on how to wash long hair we got started on the rinsing and buffering. One thing I was amazed at when we were rinsing out my hair was that no coloured at all came out in the water.  I was expecting it to be a horrible muddy colour water but it was perfectly clear which worried me slightly. I shouldn't have worried though because, as the instructions said, don't judge it until you have completely dried your hair.

Once my hair was dry I was amazed at the difference in the colour of my hair. I have to admit I had  visions of getting my gorgeous blonde locks back but, I knew it wasn't going to be able to strip all the colour out my hair as it had been dyed so much but you can see a major difference!

Overall I am really pleased with the results, Colour B4 has stripped loads of the colour out my hair and it is definitely on it's way to being the colour that I want.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

NOTD - Barry M Prickly Pear

 Prickly pear is part of Barry M's Gelly collection and I am really glad I picked it up! It is a gorgeous pastel purple which is perfect for spring (whenever it finally decides to show up!).
I needed to use 2 coats to get it opaque and it lasted well on my nails. I love the finish that you get with this polish as well as I love shiny nails! 
Overall I really like this polish and I would definitely like some more from the collection!! 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Blog Sale

I have been having a bit of a clear out since moving and thought I would have a look through my make up and get rid of a few things that I don't use any more. So I thought I would hold a wee blog sale and hopefully find a new home for my unloved things.

Postage and packaging is £2 + 50p each additional item if you fancy more than one!

Comment below with any questions and if you would like to buy anything!

 MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 used no more than 5 times - £10
 (some of the writing has come off the front from being in my make up bag)
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Light Medium at least 80% left - £10
(packaging a bit scratched from being in my make up bag)
Soap and Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisturiser used once - £4
Bourjois Bio Detox in 51Light Vanilla used twice - £2

Stila Lovely Eye Palette only the pink been used - £4
(palette is supposed to talk but had never worked)
NYX Eyeshadow Palette swatched - £3
ELF Palette only the white been used - £2

MAC Glamora Castle swatched - £5
MAC My Dark Magic swatched - £6 

Benefit Posietint approx 70% left £6
Benefit Benetint 80% left £2

Saturday, 16 March 2013

This month I will.....

Does anyone else find themselves falling into a bit of rut and doing the same thing month after month?? 
Well I do and to try and get myself out of that rut I have come up with a new feature I will be doing on my blog!
Every month I am going to make a list of things that I want to try, it can be anything from trying a new brand to making something new for dinner, as long as it is something that I probably wouldn't normally do. Then at the end of the month I will update you all on how I have gotten on and if I managed to do everything on my list! 

I know we are now nearly half way through March (scary!!) but I thought  I would put together a smaller list of things I want to try this month, so here it is!!

Try something different with my hair - I have to wear my hair up for work and I always wear it in a pretty boring ponytail. So this month I will try something different and create a style I wouldn't normally wear to work!

Wear a bright lipstick - I am a wee bit boring when it comes to my make up I have to admit and I tend to stick to the same sort of colours and looks. So this month I will wear a bright coloured lipstick!

Bake a cake - I love baking and always want to do it but I always seem to put it off. So this month I will make a cake!

So that's my list and I have till the end of the month to try and get it done! 
Wish me luck!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Ways to follow Miss Blogitis!

Yesterday we found out the Google are supposedly getting rid of Google reader which, if you are like me, is how you follow most of your blogs. There are however several different way you can view and keep up with your favourite blogs and I thought I would share with you how you can keep up with mine!

You can follow me on Bloglovin' HERE

You can follow me on Hello Cotton HERE

You can follow me on Twitter HERE

I am also going to be setting up a facebook page for my blog so I will be letting you all know when that is up and running! 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I'm loving.... DotComGiftShop

I have seen quite a few people talking about a site called DotComGiftShop recently so I thought I would check it out and see what all the fuss was about. I can safely say it is fast becoming one of my favourite site to spend hours looking through creating huge big wish lists!

I have recently moved home and I pretty much want everything listed on the site to fill my new flat and make it all lovely and girly so I thought I would share a few of my most wanted!!

1. Heart paper lanterns £6.95 for 10
2. Large pavillion birdcage lantern £19.95
3. Rustic wooden bathroom sign £2.95
4. Jumbo storage bag £4.95
5. Paisley park make up bag £6.95
6. Paisley park oilcloth wallet £14.95
7. Patchwork bunting cushion £14.95
8. Jade green rose paper lampshade £4.95
9. Paisley park snack tray £4.95
10. Tealight holders in sweetheart caddy £6.95

I think it is safe to say I shall at some point be making a few cheeky wee purchases!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

NOTD - My First Attempts at Nail Stamping

I have always want to try out Konad and nail stamping but I have never had the extra money to splash out and buy the stuff that you need to do it. That is until I was in my local Poundland and spotted this nifty little kit for.... you guessed it £1! At that price it was too good a bargain to pass up!!


I decided to give it a go today and see how I got on and I have to say it was really easy to do. Well that is once I remembered to take the film off the plate (bit of a blonde moment!) I think I need a little bit more practice at it so I can get the design where I want it but for a first attempt I think they look not bad!


I used O.P.I's Pink Friday and No. 7 Hot Pink

A New Beginning


I think it is safe to say I have been slacking some what in the old post department seen as it has been nearly a whole year since my last post! In that year though a lot has happened in my life and a lot has changed which has meant I just haven't had the time or energy to blog. The past couple of months though I have really been missing my blog but there is a lot in my blog that brings back memories that I really don't want to think about and reminds me of a time when I was really unhappy. So I have been trying to decide wither or not to completely scrap my blog and start afresh or to carry on with my original blog and give it a bit of a face lift.
After lots and lots of thinking I decided that I have worked really hard on this blog and it would be a real shame if I just deleted it all and had nothing to show for it so I am going to give it a bit of a re-vamp! 
I have deleted a few posts I don't want any more and you might already have noticed I have a new name, MyButterfly63 is no more and Miss Blogitis has been born! I am also going to be looking at the overall look of my blog and (with a little help) hopefully within the next few weeks I shall have a lovely new look. I would also like to do more of a variety of posts so expect to see a few new things on here!

So thank you for sticking with me and I hope you will enjoy my new blog as much as my old one!!

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