Thursday, 28 July 2011

How to get yout hands on Latest in Beauty's new CEW UK Beauty Insiders Choice Winners Box

Waaaaay way back, not long after I started my blog, I wrote a post about Latest In Beauty. It is a site that you can sign up to and for a £1 text you get sent a pretty pink box containing 3 beauty samples. You can read my original post here if you want to!

The other week I received an email for the Latest in Beauty team telling me about the latest samples that were available on the site which include St Tropez, Crabtree & Evelyn and Abahna. At the bottom of the email there was information about a new box they are bringing out.... the CEW UK Beauty Insiders Choice Winners Box. It launches on the 8th of August for a limited time and contains some of the products that won prizes at the CEW awards.
For only £4.95 including p&p you can send away for a box which contains 6 samples which include Batiste, Clarins, Nivea, Dr Organic, Balance Me and Lanolips.

Overall the sample included in the box are worth around £20 which I think is a great deal!

As well as receiving the box you also get the chance to win some of the £8000 worth of prizes that the lovely people at Latest in Beauty are giving away! The prizes include a full size set of all the products in the box and others from Nars, All For Eve, Rapidlash and Sanctuary.

You are not able to sign up for the box in advance but you can join the site which means you can send away for your £1 text box and then will get first chance at ordering the box when it is released.

So head over to Latest in Beauty to sign up!!


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gel Polish NOTD

Some of you might know that I have recently moved from Glasgow down to Kent. I moved about 4 months ago and I haven't had the chance to get back for a visit so seen as it was my Mum's birthday last weekend I thought it was the perfect excuse!

I had taken a set of fake nails with me to put on for going out but my Mum suggest that I try a gel manicure as she had gotten one a couple of weeks before and she loved it!

I decided to go for a hot pink polish with a glitter coat on top!
What you think.......

They have lasted not too bad. I took them off today and I was a little disappointed seen as they should have lasted another week. I think it was more to do with the woman that but them on, rather than the polish.
I would definitely try these again.
They would be excellent for going on holiday.

Have you tried them?


Friday, 22 July 2011

Best Blog Award!!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Cat over at Beauty, Glamour and Gloss  and Ellie from Miss E Blog for very kindly giving me the Best Blog Award!

It is always nice to know that other people are enjoying reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

The rules:

1. Link back to the person who gave this to you

2. Share 7 random things about yourself
  1. I love macaroni cheese
  2. I have 3 cats, Zimmy, Tash and Sophie
  3. I need a new laptop
  4. I've got a plant in my living room that the cats keep knocking over
  5. I can't drive
  6. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite film
  7. I have go blue nail varnish on my toes
3. Award 15 blogs

4. Answer the following questions:

* Favourite colour: Pink

* Favourite song: Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire

* Favourite dessert: Cinnamon Waffles

* What is p*ssing you off: Not having a job!!

* When I'm upset: There is nothing better than a cuddle from my boyfriend!

* Favourite pet: My cats

* Black or White: Black

* Biggest fear: Wax models!!

* Best feature: My eyes

* Everyday attitude: It's never as bad as it seems

* What is perfection: Ibiza!!! :)

* Guilty pleasure: Neighbours and Home and Away are my favourite programes

So thank you again to the lovely ladies that gave me this award!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Some of my favourite brown eyeshadows!

I am not the most adventurous when it comes to doing my make up really. I tend to stick to the same eye colours.... browns!!
I have managed to build up quite a collection of different brown eyeshadows.

Browns are just such and easy colour to wear, I think. I don't have to make too much effort and my eyeshadow looks great.
I do try to do different looks and colours but I always go back to my old faithful browns!

Here are some of my favs!

Left to right -
MUA Shade 17, MUA Eye Dust Shade 5,
ELF Butternut (it is the one on the top right hand corner)
MAC Paints Untitled

The 2 MUA products are my current go to shadows, I use them all the time. I put shade 17 all over my lid and then blend the eye dust into the crease. It creates a really natural everyday look.
I think for the price that MUA are great products!
Over my UDPP they both last all day without creasing and look just as great when I go to take them off as they do when I put them on.

Do you have a favourite colour for your eyes??


Saturday, 2 July 2011

This Weeks New Blogs

Here is a little list of the fab blogs that I have found this week!

(Image from weheartit)

Hope you can take a minute to have a wee look at them!


Friday, 1 July 2011

My Lipstick Collection and Swatches

Today I thought I would share with you my ever growing collection of lipsticks!

I do have a couple others that I seem to have lost!
Up until about a year ago I was very much a lipgloss girl and thought that lipsticks were for old ladies and owned none. What a difference a year can make! I now have some what of a lipstick obsession. I do still wear my lipglosses now and again but I am now a convert lipstick lover!

The Pinks!
Left to right -
NYX Femme, NYX Jupiter NYX Strawberry Milk, Barry M 100, Rimmel Pink Blush, MUA Shade 4, MAC Viva Glam, MAC Victorian

The Nudes!

Left to right -
Natural Collection Lotus, Natural Collection Apple Blossom, NYX Orange Soda, MAC The Fairie Glen, MAC Peachstock, Barry M 101

And the rest!
Left to right -
Stila Tina, 17 Belle, 17 Cookie, Revlon Plum, NYX Margarita

I also have 17 Beehive which is probably my most used lipstick. I seems to have been swallowed up by the pit that is my bag though!

I have a funny feeling that my little collection will just keep growing and growing!

What are you favourite lipsticks??

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