Sunday, 18 March 2012

NOTD - OPI Pedal Faster, Suzi

Pedal Faster, Suzi is from OPI's Holland collection and is a gorgeous pink with tiny specks of silver glitter through it. 

Before applying this I thought I would be there for a while as it seemed quite a thin consistency. I was pleasantly surprised though when it only took 2 coats to get it to look like this. It could probably have done with another coat but I applied this in a hurry as I was going out and I thought it looked fine like this. 

It was lovely having this on my nails as it made me feel nice and summery!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Project 10 Pan Update

So I am now into my 7th month of doing my project 10 pan and I can just about see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

I have now finished off 9 products!! 

Here are some of the latest products I have used up.

Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of 2 of the products I've used up. I have also used up the eyeshadow from my Sleek Bohemian palette from my last P10P post and my E.L.F Studio Complexion Perfection. 

I am most pleased about using up my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I have never used up a foundation before and I really loved using this one and while definitely buy it again once this is over.

So the race is on to use up another product as I am dying to get some new make up and try out some new products! 

What products would you suggest I try when I have finally finished my Project 10 Pan?

Friday, 2 March 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Minis Collection

My OPI range seems to be growing over the past few weeks! I recently showed you some swatches of OPI's Save Me and Metallic 4 Life which you can see here!

  Today I want to show you one of their latest mini collections, a collaboration with Nicki Minaj

I personally think that these mini collections are great, I don't know about you but I have never finished a bottle of nail polish so maybe with these I might actually get through one!

There are 4 colours included in the mini collection and are inspired by Nicki Minaj's love of colour.

From top to bottom 

Pink Friday -  a gorgeous bubblegum pink

Did It On Em - a creamy lime green

Fly - a stunning blue

Metallic 4 Life - a black base with micro and hexagonal glitter

The only one in the collection that I am a little unsure about is Did It On Em as it is such an unusual colour. I think I might get some use out of it in the summer though. 

You can also get a lovely purple shatter top coat called Super Bass, which compliments all the colours in the collection!

Have you tried any of the Nicki Minaj collection?

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