Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Need Your Help!!

I have a really problem with apply moisturisers and lotions to my skin, I would say it's probably verging on a phobia. I can not stand the feeling of anything being on my skin! I have, over the years, managed to get used to having moisturiser on my face but on the rest of my body I can't stand it. The thought of putting my clothes on and my skin feeling sticky and wet just makes my stomach turn, because of this though my skin is in a pretty rubbish condition.

That's were you guys come in!

I need your recommendations for a good moisturiser I can get that doesn't cost the earth and sinks into the skin quickly so I would be able to feel it when I put my clothes on.

Please help me!!



  1. what about a body oil spray?

  2. You could try a shower gel that has moisturiser in it? I think the soap and glory one does, but my bottle is at my bf's so I can't check. Dry oil sprays might help too, but then they might freak you out more. I am pretty bad at moisturising my body, so don't really have any recommendations. I know what you mean about feeling sticky though, I hate it.

    Anna x

  3. Perhaps something simple like Johnson's baby lotion just to get you into the habit of putting something on your skin?

    Hope you find something!


  4. I totally understand - I can't stand it when fake tan feels heavy - it makes me feel grubby! I can recommend Body Shop Puree (Body Lotion) It's a gel-cream formula that sinks in straight away. Or, they do a spray version, which is also really light. I hope you find the perfect product soon x

    Catherine x

  5. hi. :) try applying the moisturizer when you come out from the shower so your skin will quickly absorb it.. =)
    i do know that skin food had a great gel moisturizer that gets absorbed by the skin the moment it is applied. however, skinfood is a korean brand and i'm not sure if you can get it there. try looking for another gel moisturizer. :D


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