Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Project 10 Pan Update

So hopefully you will have already read my Project Bathroom Update, but if not you can read it here! This post is going to be my Project 10 Pan update (as the title suggests!)

I am doing much better than I thought I would be! I've hit pan on 4 products and my mascara is getting to the end of it's little life!

So what have I hit pan on.....
E.L.F Complexion Perfection
17 Plum Puff Blusher
Prestige iQuad
Almay Line Smoothing Powder

I am counting the colours in my Prestige iQuad as 4 seperate colours as I don't really use the 2 purples in it. Hopefully the blusher will be the first to go, I have had it for years so it will be good to finally finish it off! 

I am determined to complete this P10P, I have never finished a make up item so it will feel so good when I finally do! 

If you are doing a P10P send me your links and I hope you are doing well!!



  1. Nice! I've only hit pan/emptied two items so far.. lol

  2. Sadie - Thanks! :) x

    Raech - Thank u, I think I'll need it! x

    D.Sadie - You'll get there! Just need to be determined! x

  3. Oh wow! You're doing good! I don;t know if I would ever managed to finishe a P10P, but now I'm doing an unofficial one (don't buy much stuff, but makeup wise I can't have that many empties :S)!

  4. Thank u! I am so pleased with how much I have gotten through so far! Im sure u will do great on your unofficial p10p! xx

  5. Doing well hun! I'm 3 products away from being finished but I am so ready to go shopping... Hopefully it won't be long now! x

  6. Thanks Claire :) You are doing great! Wish I was doing as well! xx


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