Sunday, 29 September 2013

Recipe - Mars Bar Squares

Mars bar squares remind me of being wee. 
I used to love getting them from a wee coffee shop around the corner from where I used to stay. So when I saw this recipe I knew I had to make them! 
It's such an easy recipe and the end result is yum!!


4 mars bars
4 cups of rice crispies
4 oz of butter
200g of milk chocolate

Cut the mars bars and butter into chunks ready to be melted

Next melt them together, I melted mine in the microwave but you could do it over boiling water on the hob

 Add the rice crispies a little at a time until they are all covered

Line a dish with greaseproof paper and then pour the mixture into it. Make sure you flatten it all down, getting right into the corners

Then put the mixture into the fridge for about an hour so it can harden

Once it has hardened melt the milk chocolate and pour it over the top, spreading it to get an even layer

Pop the whole lot back into the fridge and let the chocolate set

Cut into 12 squares and enjoy!! 

These taste so yummy and have been a definite hit! I've got a feeling that I will be making (or being forced to make) some more of these once this batch has all gone!!


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