Thursday, 24 June 2010

Review - Ardell DuraLash Individual Lashes


I have a terrible track record with false lashes! I normally end up with them stuck to middle of my lid or gluing my eye shut which is never a good look. So when I was sent these lashes by Andrea Lashes I wasn't holding out much hope for them. But after watching a few videos on how to apply them I was feeling slightly more confident.

So I set about tackling these little lashes, first thing I had to do was find something to put my glue on to. I made a little box out of tin foil and poured the glue into the middle of it and left it for a couple of minutes to go tacky.

While it was going tacky I took some before pictures of my lashes. I am always being told how long my lashes are but I don't really notice them and they don't look particularly long in the photos I took.

I don't like my eyelashes that much cause they are quite fair at the roots and I find it quite hard getting them all covered without getting mascara all over my lid!

So after leaving the glue for a wee bit I got my tweezers and took one the lashes and dipped it in the glue. I found it surprisingly easy to apply these lashes. I had much more luck with these than I had done with any strip lashes I'd tried before. They were a little bit fiddly but trying to apply the individual lashes was a lot easier than the strips and buy the time I got to my left eye I was a lot better than when I started and did it a lot faster.

I thought I did not bad for my first go! If you look really closely you can see some of the knots and I probably used a little more glue than I need to but I think it looks pretty good! After sleeping in them, a couple came out the next morning but I think that was more the way I had applied them than the glue. So I just re-glued them and I was good to go! By this point though I was loaded with the cold and the thought of putting on make up was too much.

These were a lot more comfortable to wear compared to the strip lashes as well. Normally when I have strip lashes on I am really aware of them but I couldn't feel these at all! The glue is supposed to last for 4-5 weeks and the lashes fall out as your new lashes grow in. I've already taken mine off though. I am just really bad at picking at things (I always pick my nail polish off!) and I've been in my bed ill the past couple of days so I picked them all off.

I will definitely try these lashes again but I think when I buy some I will buy medium ones. These ones are long ones and I felt the were a little too long for wearing everyday. Apart from that thought I love these lashes!



  1. Ooh la la! These are gorgeous!! xxx

  2. omg im in love with them too! i want to try now. lol thanks for the info. they look great on u...SHAME on u for pickin at ur nail polish! lol

    love ur blog! later!

  3. They're very pretty and far more natural looking than strip lashes - but I wouldn't be able to leave them in for long either!
    Kat x

  4. They look really good! I love false lashes, they always make such a big difference to your eyes :) x


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