Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Review - Fudge Sauna Face Mask

Hi guys

I thought I would pamper myself a little bit tonight so wiped out the face mask collection and picked Montagne Jeunesse's Fudge Sauna face mask. It's a self heating mask that smells of vanilla fudge. It's supposed to open and deeply cleanse pores.

So I slapped it on my face and the first thing I noticed was how warm it was. I wasn't really expecting must on the self heating front, but I was pleasantly surprised. The mask only stayed warm however while I was applying it and moving it around with my fingers. After that it lost its heat.

The smell of this mask is amazing! It smells just like toffee yogurt to me and make me just wanna eat it all up! Thankfully I restrained myself and managed to get it on my face instead. Every now and again while I was wearing it though I would get a wee wiff of the amazing smell! It is quite sweet smelling though so if your not into sweet smells this probably isn't the mask for you.

After 10 minutes I washed it off with warm water. It came off really easily and left my skin feeling really nice! It had taken away the dull look that my skin had had before I applied it which was great and my pores definitely look clearer. I would definitely buy this mask again, it's a bargain at only 99p and a lot of the time they are on offer in Boots and Superdrug!


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  1. Oh this looks really good :)

  2. I love the smell of this one too, it's so yummy. I also really like the soothing aloe one. Love a pamper night x

  3. Ooooh I tried this mask once. It smelt lush. I was so close to eating it. :/ xx

  4. I got one of these as a present - smells sooooo good!!


  5. Great review!
    I've tried almost every Montagne Jeunesse mask and love them! But I've never tried the heat up ones, I was always a bit scared it might burn me! I might give this a go now, thanks!:) xx

  6. I've never tried them because I wasn't sure whether they were good or not but I'll have to try them!
    Thanks for the review! :) xx

  7. Oh great deep pore cleansing! I need this. I have breakouts now, I haven't got any in years! What is going on with me? Maybe this mask will help?

  8. Ooo this looks lovely, think I'll give it a go! Great review, xoxo

  9. thanks for commenting my blog, i've followed you :)

    i've tried that mask before and i just wanted to eat it because it smells so good! it left my skin feeling lovely

    I've tried a few masks from this brand and they're all great

  10. A toffee fudge face mask? YES PLEASE! x

  11. I just tried the Red Sea Mud one! Love it thank you!



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