Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review - Pantene Smooth and Sleek

About a month ago I was luck enough to win a twitter giveaway held by Pantene, the prizes were miniatures of their Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner arrived a couple of days later and it was perfect timing as my shampoo had just run out!

I have been using them both for about 3 weeks now and I thought I would do a little review for you guys!

When I first got the Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner I was a little weary about using them as I have a very sensitive scalp and a lot of products make it really itchy and I can't use them. I decided to use them anyway as I had no other shampoo and hoped Pantene would be one of the brands that wouldn't effect my scalp. Unfortunately they are not. Well to start out with they weren't anyway. Now that I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 3 weeks my head seems to have built up a tolerance or something to them and the itching has disappeared.

Even with the itching I loved these products!
They smell amazing! They have a really nice fruity smell to them and even the boyfriend commented on how nice my hair smelled!
My hair had been in pretty bad condition, I had had it coloured for the first time and it had really dried out the ends. They were all frizzy, splitting and breaking off.
Not what you want really!
After using the Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner though I have really noticed a difference in my hair's condition. My ends are pretty much back to normal and I have also noticed that there are a lot less naughts in my hair when I brush it.

Overall I love I am loving the Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner. It's sorted out my frizzy ends, taken away the horrible naughts in my hair and made it smell amazing!
What more could you ask for!



  1. Did it actually tame your frizz? My ends are dry from colouring them too, but I have frizz near the roots too... thoughts?

  2. @HeatheryLeeds - Yes it def tamed my fizz! The ends of my hair are back to the way they were before I got it coloured :) xx


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