Saturday, 14 January 2012

How To Recreate Hairstyles From Dancing On Ice

Catchy title eh!!

Dancing on Ice is by far one of my favourite programs on the TV and I can't wait till it is on every year. Something that I love about the show is all the gorgeous costumes, hairstyles and make up looks of the girls that are on the show. What can I say, I'm a sucker for some glitter! 
Normally my hair is always pretty boring, I either leave it straight or pull it back in pony. Not very adventurous! For going out today though I thought I would try something a little bit different and make an effort with the styling of my hair by recreating the style Chemmy Alcott wore on Sunday.

Here's what I used to do it! 

First I washed my hair and then applied some OSIS+ Body Me all through my hair. A great thing about this product is that it helps to protect your hair from heat as well as give it some added volume. 

Next I blasted my hair dry. Once it was about 50% dry I turned my head upside down to get a little extra volume while I was drying it.

Once it was completely dry I split it into 3 sections so that I could curl it. 

I set my straighteners to 170 degrees and then took, roughly 1 inch sections of hair and curled them until the whole of my head was done.

I then ran me fingers through my hair separating the curls and gave my head a good spray of OSIS+ Elastic spray. I also applied a little OSIS+ Magic to the ends of my hair.

And here's the finished look! 

After recreating Chemmy's hairstyle that she wore on Sunday I thought I would give it a go at recreating Jorgie Porter's hairstyle as my hair was already curled and I loved the look she wore. 
Mine has turned out slightly different but I am pleased with the end result!

Here's what I did!

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and secured it with a clear elastic band, pulling a few strands of hair out from around my face .

Then I flipped my head upside down and took a couple of sections of hair from the left and right side of my ponytail and gripped them in place on my head with some kirbys. This just created a bit of volume and covers the band once I have flipped my hair back.

I couldn't decide wither or not to leave my fringe how it was or to pin it back. I tried out a messy braid but I think I prefer it just left how it is.

I then gave it a quick spray with my Elastic spray and it was pretty much done!

My style isn't quite as messy as Jorgie's and my ponytail is a lot longer than the one she had on Sunday. I still think it looks great though! Both these looks were so easy to do and I think they both look great! 


*I was sent the Osis products to do these looks


  1. These look fab! Love the curls, mine always drop out :( x

    1. Thank you! Mine normaly do too but the OSIS+ Elastic spray has worked great and held them in for ages! xx

  2. aww that looks gorgeous and quite easy to recreate :) thanks xx

    1. Thank you! The were both so easy to do, you should give it a go :) xx

  3. Awh I love it, its so pretty :) xx


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