Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pretty New Jewels from Primark

It was my friend birthday the other day and we we're going out to celebrate which can mean only one for a new outfit! 
It wasn't going to be a dressy night so I wanted something smart casual but without spending too much money. After searching the stores for something nice, I decided to go for a plain top and jazz it up with some nice statement jewellery, which is when I saw this little beauty!

Isn't it pretty!?!? 
It's from Primark's AW13 collection and I love the gorgeous pastel colours of the stones against the dark chain. For £4 it is an absolute bargain as well!

They have lots of gorgeous new pieces in the AW13 collection and I think it's safe to say I will definitely be back to pick up some more! 


  1. Oh wow that's really pretty never thought of getting accessories from Primark before gonna have to have a look xx

    1. Thanks, yea you should def have a look, they have some gorgeous things!! xx

  2. I love this! You would never guess it was only £4
    Kirsty x


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