Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Big Summer Haul

With summer on it's way I decided to treat myself (that's what credit cards are for right??) and get some new bits and pieces for my wardrobe.
 So after talking my boyfriend into taking me to the shops the first place I went was New Look. My manager had given me a gift card for christmas and it had been burning a whole in my purse ever since. I wanted to save it for something I really wanted though and not just waste it. I'm glad I waited to spend it as it meant I was able to get this gorgeous black floral maxi skirt. I also got a white, pink and black tartan tshirt but I forgot to photograph that (oops sorry!). After New Look I hit up Primark which is were I always mange to spend a small fortune.
I picked up 2 vest tops with some nice frill detailing on the neck. I decided get one in black and one in navy as I thought they would be great for every day. I also got this gorgeous blue leave print cami which I can't wait to wear! I think it will be great for every day but I could also dress it up for a night out.
Next up was this pretty pink dress that I have seen on a few other blogs. I picked this up from the reduced section where it was marked up for £5 but when it went through the till it was only £3 so it was even more of a bargain!! It is slightly too big but for £3 a belt sorts that out. I also got this black and multicoloured dress, it's quite light weight so will be great for the summer.
Primark is great for their pyjamas and seen as I already have the unicorn bottoms and vest top I couldn't pass up getting the matching pyjama tshirt! I was planning on getting some new sandals but there wasn't any that caught my attention so I just got 2 pairs of pumps, a simple navy pair and a white pair with some pretty embroidery on them. I'm probably the last on the bandwagon but I am finally getting into statement necklaces so I picked up 2 that will be great for the summer. I also got some new earrings as well.

George at Asda have some amazing pieces in for this summer so when doing the shopping I couldn't help picking up a few bits! I love this maxi skirt and when I went to look for it they only had 1 in stock, luckly for me though it was in my size so I snapped it up!! Next I got this playsuit which I'm not sure about. I love it on and I really like the detailing round the neck, but it is slightly too big so I'm not sure if I should take it back or try and sort the straps so that it fits better, decisions decisions!

So that's my new summer wardrobe!! After getting all this lots, I think a spending ban is in order!!

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