Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Day At Dickens Festival 2014

This weekend saw the annual Dickens Festival in Rochester and seen as the boyfriend and I both had the day off, we decided to take a stroll down and see what was going on. The high street was lined with food stalls, cake stalls, sweet stands and performers, that atmosphere was great! There were so many people dressed up and there were some gorgeous dresses! We wandered along the high street looking in all the quaint wee shops, listening to the performers and ended up in the castle ground which is where the fun fair always is. After watching a bit of Punch and Judy and a stroll around the craft fair we went and got a hog roast for lunch (not easy things to eat when you are standing and trying to look dignified!) and waited for the main parade along the high street. After watching the parade we topped the day off with some fresh hot doughnuts and a leisurely walk back home in the sun!


  1. Ooh look at that blue sky, what a glorious day for it. I'm in bed reading your post and I'm craving (genuinely craving!!) a hog roast now!
    Love Kate xx

    1. It was a gorgeous day! The hog roast was definitely a highlight! x


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