Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Shampoo and Conditioner Heaven!

Hi everyone!

I recently wrote a post about a prize I had won of £100 worth of Andrew Collinge products. Well today they arrived!

The parcel was delivered while my mum and I were in town so my lovely neighbour took it in for me. My mum went over to get it so when she came back we hurried into the living room to open in. We were like kids a Christmas!

Inside the box everything was wrapped up in tissue paper so I soon set about ripping it off to get my hands on the goodies!

So what did I get........

I'd never owned so much shampoo and conditioner!
Altogether there were 8 shampoos, 8 conditioners and a pair of super slim straighteners.

I got:

2 bottles of Smooth and Shine shampoo
2 bottles of Smooth and Shine conditioner
1 bottle of Illuminating Blonde shampoo
1 bottle of Illuminating Blonde conditioner
1 bottle of Moisturise and Protect shampoo
1 bottle of Moisturise and Protect shampoo

From the new Purity range I got:

2 bottles of HydraTherapy shampoo
2 bottles of HydraTherapy conditioner
2bottles of SmoothTherapy shampoo
2 bottles of SmoothTherapy conditioner
(only one of the conditioners is pictured cause sadly one had burst in the box )

The last thing out the box were my lovely new pair of Andrew Collinge Super Slim straighteners! They are so cute and I cant wait to try them out.

A massive, massive thank you to TeamGleam for the amazing prize! Don't think I'll be needing to buy and shampoo or conditioner anytime soon! I'm going to try these all out and do some reviews for you!



  1. What a lovely prize! Will you be posting some reviews?


  2. @May Yea def gonna do some reviews! Gonna start using them soon as!
    Lisa xx

  3. wow, well done on winning it! Looks amazing x

  4. Wow that's awesome, you are definitely stocked up on hair stuff for a while.

  5. Ohhh how lucky are you! Reviews would be great as the ladies above have said xx

  6. Holy moly, that's a lot of shampoo and conditioner! Heh. Well done on winning it, i'm looking forward to your reviews! x

  7. Oh wow you are so lucky - that will keep you going for ages!!!


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