Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Small Haul To Cheer Me Up

I've been feeling a bit rubbish the past couple of days so I thought a wee trip into town was in order to try cheer myself up. I was really wanting to try get my hands on one of the Nail Inc. and Diet Coke nail polishes too.
And I was successful!
When I went into Boots there was a whole shelf in the chiller devoted to Diet Coke, but it was empty! I thought I was out of luck so decided to settle for some flavoured water (go for the healthy option and all that) but when I got tills there was a little stand alone stand with some bottles and some nail polishes!! I quickly snapped up 2 bottles of coke and the New York polish, which was the 1 I'd had my eye on. I also picked up a copy of there magazine that's free to advantage card holders.

Then I went to Superdrug, I wanted to get 1 of the Sleek palettes and see if they had re-stocked their MUA stands. Once again I was in luck! I picked myself up a nice green MUA eyeshadow cause I'm wanting to try some green eye looks out. I also got the Sleek original palette and a Pink Cadillac pout polish. These are my first 2 Sleek purchases so I cant wait to use them! I also got a set of N.Y.C false eyelashes and a nail polish cause they were 2 for £3. And once again I picked up their free magazine.

Seen as I was feeling a bit down I decided that some chocolate was in order so I popped into the pound shop to see what they had. I picked up 2 big bars of Cadbury's caramel (I was once told 1 was never enough so always buy 2) and a Toblerone. More than enough to satisfied my chocolate cravings and cheer me up!
When I was in Adsa later doing a bit of shopping with my Mum I noticed that this weeks More magazine had been rolled back to only 80p. Bargain! So had to pick one of those bad boys up too!


  1. Aw hun, sorry you've been feeling down- is it after seeing your boy? I used to hate it when I'd see mine for the weekend and then not for ages after, it sucks x

  2. @Primp and Preen yea it sucks so much! Im feeling kind of lost just now as well if that makes sence, so thats not helping :( sure i'll be fine tho! xx

  3. My local Superdrug doesn't stock MUA so I've had to order some stuff from the website...I think I may have got a bit carried away though! Whoops!

    Hopefully the chocolate will make you feel a bit better! :)

  4. Oh, I envy you for having the MUA range at your local Superdrug!!! Yummy Cadbury bars (Caramel is my fave) btw. Oh well, sometimes I miss the UK (I studied there for 1 semester ages ago). I need to save some money for a trip... :-)


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