Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Little Book Of Blogging

Today I started my little book of blogging! It's a little notebook that I have had for ages and never used so I thought this would be the perfect use for it!

(Picture taken from

I am forever reading blogs and seeing things that I want to try out or I'm out shopping and suddenly get an idea about a blog post to do. By the time I finally get round to sitting down and writing my posts all my ideas have disappeared, I have got such a bad memory! This is where my little book of blogging will come in handy. I am going to use it to right down all the ideas I have for blog post, any product I want to try and anything blog related really.

So do you have any ideas I can put in my little book??



  1. That is such a good idea. I always have scraps of paper in my handbag with ideas for posts and I have a wishlist on my laptop of products I'd like to try but this really appeals to my stationery loving side. I'll probably also scribble down ideas for things to giveaway, when I next do one, combos of products for FOTD posts and ideas of things to write about generally xx

  2. Great idea! I should do this, too!

  3. I agree!

    I like to see makeup collection/storage! It's feeding my nosey side!

  4. Fab idea :). A few ideas:

    * Make-up of the day
    * Hair style of the day
    * Outfit of the day
    * What's in my handbag
    * Week in pictures
    * In's/Out's
    * Make-up storage

    Sadie x


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