Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Little MAC Collection

When I started my blog last year my make up collection was made up entirely of drugstore make up. Now though my collection of higher-end products is growing and my little collection of MAC is getting bigger and bigger!

Feline eye khol, Victorian lipstick, Viva Glam Gaga lipstick,
My Dark Magic eyeshadow, Knight Divine eyeshadow, Vainglorious eyeshadow, Wintersky eyeshadow, Formidable nail polish,  Bad Fairy nail polish

I know it's not a massive collection of MAC but I am slowly adding to it and I love all the products that I've got so far. I think my favourites are Knight Divine and Vainglorious but I only got Feline, Victorian and Wintersky the other day from a blog sale so I've still to have a play about with them.



  1. I only had 1 MAC product when I started blogging a year ago and now I have far too many of their lipsticks but I'm only going to buy more! I have a few other bits too- 3 blushers, and a couple of other eyeshadows, an MSF and a couple of lipglosses, but their lipsticks are by far my favourite products.

  2. lovely collection =) now doubt it will grow and grow. im shocked at how much stuff ive got lol x


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