Monday, 20 June 2011

DIY Palettes

I have been meaning to do this post for absolutely ages!

I got the idea for these after reading a post that Makeup Savvy done away back in February which you can read here.
I had been lusting after a Z Palette but really couldn't justify paying the price for one so I thought this would be a great alternative! I have made mine slightly different from Fee's so if you want to see how I made it, then read on!!

Thing you need:

Bodyform tin
Sticky magnetic strips
Empty CD cases
Magnetic paper or a magnetic sheet
You will also need scissors and glue!

Bodyform give the tins away free with there products but I don't think they are available right now. I had a wee look on eBay though and you can pick them up for about £1.50ish. I got my magnetic strip from eBay as well for £1.25 and I picked up the magnetic paper from my local craft store.

On to the palettes!

To make the palette out of your bodyform tin there are 2 different ways to go about it. You can either cut the the magnetic strip into little squares and then stick them to the bottom of your eyeshadow pans or you can do what I went for and cut strips of magnet and then stick them in the tin.
I decided to do this cause it meant I would be able to use the same eyeshadow pans in the other palette that I made.

I used my Stila eyeshadow pans as a guide to where to stick the strips as they are the biggest pans that I had so I knew if they fitted in everything else would! There's also a little room at the bottom of the tin where I can place eyeshadows that already have a magnet stuck to them, like my MAC Wintersky eyeshadow.

This is going to be my handbag palette! Hopefully it will help reduce the space my make up takes up in my bag!

On to my "stay at home" palette :)

First you have to take the black bit out that would normally hold the CD.

Next you have to draw round the cover of the CD case onto your magnetic paper/sheet. You have to remember not to cover the entire base of your case with paper as when you shut the lid there will be a gap with no cover where you have taken the black bit out and your shadow might get damaged if you put them there. If you are using paper then you will need to glue the paper to the case, if it's a magnetic sheet you are using then stick it to the case.
It should end up looking like this!

And this is the finished palette!

Plenty of room for all you're favourite shadows!
I am going to make another one of these for me to put my blushes into as well.

So what do you think?
Let me know if you make anything like these and sent me a link, I would love to see them!



  1. Love the cd case idea! I have the bodyform tins I just need to sit down and do it!

  2. That little tin is so cute. I must try this some time. :)

  3. This looks so good! Definitely want to try this, I had those bodyform tins too but wasn't sure what I could do with them! Great idea x

  4. This is so helpful, and really cute!!

  5. @KatBeautyAddict - Yes you should make them! If you do you'll need to let me see :) xx

    @Darling Girl - They are so easy to do, def worth a go! xx

    @KawaiiFreak - Yea it's a great way to do something with the tins! xx

    @Vintage Makeup - Thanks! xx


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