Thursday, 16 June 2011

How Many Is Too Many.........?

.......... lip products to carry around??

I was catching up on my blogs this morning and after reading The 6 Inch Stilettos post about how many lip products she had in her bag I thought I would share with you what I have in my bag!

I seem to have ended up with quite a little stash in there!

So what have I got....
MAC Peachstock
Cherry Carmex
MUA Lipgloss Shade 3
NYX Lipstick Strawberry Milk
17 Mirror Shine Beehive
Mint Lypsyl
Mini Victoria Jackson Red Lipgloss
Sleek Pout Polish Lemon Meringue
Barry M 101

It's no wonder I can never find what I am looking for when I am doing my make up, it's all in my bag!

Out of all the lip products I carry around with me I would say I probably use Beehive the most, it is definitely one of my favourites. It is so easy to wear and goes with almost all looks.

So how many lip products do you have in your bag??



  1. Hehe, this is me exactly - i just had a look and i have 6, which is also too many. I always find random lip products in other bags and think "aaaahh i was looking for you the other day..." :)

  2. @Jo - Aw I do the exact same thing! I managed to lose my foundation and mascara in a bag the other day too, was looking for it for ages! x

  3. hahah Mine is exactly the same. I just chuck random lip products in my bag. Then I think I've lost them and find them in the depths of my bag!
    At least you're not alone!!! hahaha

  4. @Natalie - haha yea glad im not on my own! :) x

  5. I have beehive its such a lovely natural colour isnt it. I often find lippies in different bags that i had forgot about lol. At least you have lots of choice in your bag though :)

  6. @Nicoletta - yea I love it, I'll never be short of a lippie lol xx

  7. I do the same! I am constantly looking for some lipstick or other and find it in my bag along with about 50 other lip products! When I did a whats in my bag video ages ago I remember thinking another lip product every time I brang one out of my bag! xxx

  8. @Charli! I am forever losing them in my bag! haha glad im not the only one xx

  9. Haha! I love this post and I'm glad I inspired you to empty out your bag and count up all the lippies :)
    You seem to have a good selection going on there so don't have a lot to worry about. Once you get into double figures, it's time for a clear out! LOL.xx

  10. Hmmm I must be the only one who doesn't have a fair few lip products in my bag, I suppose it could be because I change my bag nearly daily that I don't give it chance to build up!

  11. @Rebecca.Ann - Becca how can you be bothered to change your bag every day!! That's just to much effort for me haha xx

  12. I'm too much of a tart and like to match! haha x


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