Thursday, 23 June 2011

NYX Swatches

After posting about my NYX find the other day a few of you asked me for some swatches,
so here they are!

First up......


Top: Natural
Bottom: Mocha

Both of these are so pigmented! A little definitely goes a long way with these.
They both blended out really well.

Blushes blended out slightly.


Top: Violet
Middle: Flamenco
Bottom: Pretty Pink

This is quite a heavy swatch of Pretty Pink but it comes out slightly darker than it looks in the pan. The eyeshadow lasted really well and hardly creased while I was wearing them and that was without a primer!

Flamenco is such a gorgeous colour,
it has a gold going through it so it looks amazing when the light hits it

Lipglosses and Lip Pencil:

Left to right - Lip pencil in Mauve, Lipgloss in Whipped, Lipgloss in Strawberry

I LOVE whipped!! It is such a gorgeous nude gloss, I have been wearing it nearly everyday since I got it. It lasts well on the lips as well.


Top: Margaritta
Bottom: Femme


Both these lipsticks go on really smoothly and haven't dried my lips out at all.


After trying out the products I will definitely be going back to purchase some more! I would love to try some more of the creme blushes and lipsticks. They had some of the jumbo pencils in the shop but they weren't in colours I really fancied, tempted to try them though as all the things I already have are so good!



  1. Love Strawberry Lipgloss and Femme in Swatches, but think you suit Marguerita best on your lips!

  2. @ aw thank you, Margeritta is so different from what I normally wear, little bit scared to wear it out! xx


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