Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review - Elegant Touch Pre Glued French Manicure Nails

 I had never tried pre glued nails before as I was always a wee bit sceptical that they wouldn't stick on very well, but when I tried the Elegant Touch Make Me Blush nails I was pleasantly surprised! In the box you get 24 nails in 10 different sizes, a buffer and instructions. These were so easy to stick on, you simply press the fake nail on to the real nail and hold for couple seconds. Easy! Finding the right sized nail for each finger was a wee bit tricky though as it was very easy to stick the nails down accidentally, but any time I did they came off easily. The length of the nails was great as well, I was a little unsure at first as they were extra short, but they were perfect for everyday and didn't get in the way. The only other problem I had with the nails was that any time I ran my fingers through my hair, as the nails weren't completely flat against my real nails, they got caught in the glue on the nails. It just meant I had to stop fidgeting with my hair though which is never a bad thing! These nails last about 2 days, which I didn't think was too bad seen as they really got put to the test at work and I unfortunately had lots of dishes to do at home. These would be perfect for a night out, they are so fast and simple to put on and the colour is really natural! They were very easy to take off and left no damage to my nails. Next time I have a special occasion or night out coming up I will definitely be considering trying out some more pre glued nails!!

*PR Sample


  1. These look so lovely! I've not worn false nails since I was about 14 and back then they were so awful. They've much improved since then!

    1. These were great, definitely better than the old false nails I used to use x


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