Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ebay Haul!

So I went a little bit mad on eBay and ordered loads of make up! It's so addictive though, you just keep clicking confirm bid and you forget that all the little 0.99p and 1.50's add up! Luckily i didn't spend too much. I bid on most of it before i went down to my boyfriends for 11 days so it hadn't arrived by the time i left. This meant however, that by the time i got back i had loads of little parcels waiting for me in my room! It was like Christmas!! Cause it had been a wee bit since i ordered them I'd forgotten about some of the stuff I'd ordered so it was great fun opening it all.

So what did I get...........??

4 new Benefit product - BADgal Lash, Ooh La Lift, Cherry Fruit Lip Balm and Posie Tint
2 Collection 2000 Blushers in 2. Petal and 28. Pink Blossom
Collection 2000 Angelic Eye Palette
Rimmel eyeshadow in 211. Moonlight
Image Blusher (no colour but its a nice bright pink)
Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds Liquid in Precious Lilac
Rimmel Cool Shine Lipstick in Splash
Colour Trend Flirty Eyes in Butterfly Frost
Bourjois Eyeliner in Cafe & Creme
Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss in Glowing Sepia

I'm loving trying them all out and seeing what I like! My favourites so far are my Benefit products, I'm loving them!

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