Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Beauty Storage (It's a bit rubbish but it's all I got)

 I've read on loads of other blog about people beauty storage so I thought I would join in and show you mine! Sadly it's not that exciting though. I don't really have anywhere in my room that I can sit down and do my make up properly which is kinda rubbish so I end up doing it on my bed with a silly wee mirror. I have however managed to sort out my make up so it's in some kind of order! I keep it all in the shelves I have in my room and I've recently just re-organised it all!

On the top shelf I've all my hair stuff (hairsprays, gels, straighting stuff etc) in the basket on the right and then in the basket in the left I've got medical stuff (plasters, savlon, stuff like that) and spare make up bags. I've also got an old perfume box with my hairbands in it. On the middle shelf I have my deodorant, body lotion, shower gels and brushes in the basket on the left. In the basket on the right I've got all my fake tanning products. Next to that I've got a few random pieces and at the front I've got my perfume collection.

I LOVE my perfumes! I need to try really hard not to keep buying them.
Just now I have (from left to right) -
 CK Euphoria
Gucci Eau de Parfum II
Body Shop - Neroli Jasmine
Ralph Lauren - Ralph
Flora by Gucci
DKNY - Red Delicious
Britney Spears Fantasy
Paco Rabanne - Ultraviolet

My favourite one are my Gucci ones! I love Flora, my wonderful boyfe got me a bottle when we went on holiday last year then his lovely Daddy got me another bottle for my Christmas!

On to my favourite shelf, The Make Up Shelf!!

Ive got my make up all separated into eyes, lips and face. All my eye make up is in my silver case from the Body Shop

Then I've got my lip stuff in my pink and silver box

Lastly I've got all my face products in my Morgan make up bag

I've also got a bag with all my brushes and tools in it, a mirror, my Lauren Luke book and my 120 eyeshadow palette. I've also got my little monkey box that's got my false eyelashes in it and a brush roll.

So that's my storage people! Not very exciting, I know, but thought I'd show it off.

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  1. I'd say I've probably got about the same amount of make up as you and I'm envious of you being able to keep it with all the rest of your beauty products like that. Mine's far too spread out and I think it's that that means I buy too much because I forget what I've got. Hopefully when I move next I'll have room for a dresing table. Actually who am I kidding? That's my main priority for finding a new place! Good post x


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