Friday, 23 April 2010

MUA Range Haul

I've been eagerly waiting on my package from Superdrug with the stuff i ordered from their MUA range. I was very excited about the range coming out which was launched in stores yesterday but had been available online since Tuesday. I decided to order some things online cause I wasn't 100% sure if my local store would carry the range. So it arrived this morning!

From top to bottom, left to right -
Eye Dust in shade 5
Eye Shadow in shade 17 matt
Eye Shadow in shade 19 matt
Blusher in shade 3
Nail Varnish in shade 4
Nail Varnish in shade 5
Nail Varnish in shade 1
Lipstick in shade 4
Mascara in shade 5
Liquid Eyeliner in shade5 (not in the picture but the eyeliner is black)

(You might have noticed that the stuff doesn't have names they have shades)

So far I've used the eye shadows, eye dust, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. I liked using all the products apart from the mascara. The first thing i noticed about it was that the brush was a lot smaller than my other mascara so I wasn't really sure about it. Then when i went to put the wand back into the tube it was really stiff and i had to push quite hard to get it back in. I also felt that it didn't really give me a lot of coverage on my lashes. I was unsure about using the eyeliner as well cause it's not a brush, its a hard sponge thingy (yup, that's the technical term for it) but once I started using it the end was quite soft and it went on OK.

I love the lipstick though, its a gorgeous pink colour! It goes on really well and has a nice creamy texture.

(It looks more pink than it does in the picture)

I think this is a great range, especially for the price and i will definitely be buying more from it! You cant really go wrong for a pound!

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  1. I'll definitely be checking out some of the range, like you say, for a pound you can't go wrong. I'm a bit of a mascara snob so I'll prob try out powder products- eyeshadows, blushers etc.


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